"It's funny to see the rats of the galleries, in the art market, so interested in who I am. What about the values as an fucker artist which are expressed in my works?

The rats are animals so stupid and charming!

Sure they will be surprised to know that I give the profits of the sales of my last book "Banksy Monkey Revolution" to a Spanish NGO called "Eco-Agri-Cultura" for the next six years. The ebook contains a manifiest of rats against our work and a philosophical and spiritual book about the power and magic in our surreal art; the Tao te Banksy.

It's only available in spanish at the moment because I'm bored to see so many rats even in the artist of here. So, at the moment, I try to begin & promote our revolution in Spain; Picasso's country!

It's so stupid the animal I used to paint! "

Banksy Tse