The Mystery of the Open Cage

Again, fantasy is engaged in flowery confusion, flaunting esprit through celestial gardens.Dreams of an era long bygone seem to stick to her. Fresh and lively shades of colour offer their pleasure full of relish, yet veiling in enigmatic tune what they promised to reveal until just now. A riddle patiently repeated by life, until the chronic pendulum swings into decay. As real as many a scene rises from the fog of remembrance, the dulled lens' veil is raised for a snatch, hence one can view clearly all of a sudden - with unparalled precision, sometimes!

Adventure Painting is no empty promise, rathers aims at leading the creator into nature's very own spheres, if only she or he is willing to indulge in it. Intuition and love allow you to feel the evolution of something emerging. You may tune in and self-identify, shall admit your ID carefully, and may as well abstrain from rational elements in the beginning. Things may self-assemble in an unconscious way, and vitalise everything. The process is just enthralling, leaving you in humbleness in face of creation and life.