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New Music Composer

Photo by Brian Yordnoff

TMTCH O2 London 2015

About the composer

Since 2017 Nik has been undertaking PhD research into extended scalic structures at Brunel University, London; under the supervision of Professor Peter Wiegold, Carl Faia and John Croft. All of Nik's scored work (2017 - 2024) has been influenced and informed by this research.

In the mid to late 90's Nik studied composition with Professor's Jonathan Harvey and Martin Butler at Sussex University, and he continues to experiment with an eclectic range of compositional styles.

Previous Academic Studies

BA (hons) 1st Class, 20th Century Music
Sussex University (1992-1995)
MA, Music (majoring in composition)
Sussex University (1999)

Under the pen-name Sputnik Weazel (Nik's Rock n' Roll alter ego), Nik has written, recorded, produced & released over 250 original songs to date. He was also a session musician and drummer for folk/punk icons "The Men They Couldn't Hang", notorious buskers "The Weazels"... and collaborated with Luke Rhinehart (author of THE DICE MAN) on a music & spoken word project - The Dice Man Speaks

To be an artist you have to give up everything, including the desire to be a good artist"
(Jasper Johns)

"Composition liberates time so that it can be lived, not stockpiled... to compose is to... locate liberation, not in a faraway future, either sacred or material, but in the present, in production and in one's own enjoyment."
(Jacques Attali, Noise - The Political Economy of Music)

Sheet Music

The music scores on this site are free to download. Please get in touch regarding performances, and let us know if you require any individual parts, or have any other questions.

Nik Bizzell-Browning - Composer