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Piece for Flute, Electronics & Fixed Media

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Previously Released

These Hands Aren't Mine(1997):
Sound gallery (Discus 9CD),
Released on Discus Records. A compilation of electronic and acoustic works...
"Nik Bizzell-Browning's composition is a complex multi textural and fast moving setting of some highly individual text by the composer, perhaps in the tradition of some of Zappa's synclavier works."

Industrial Whale (1995):
Network - Volume two (Discus 5CD),
Released on Discus Records (Re-muted feedback, sent around the desk then performed in real time). 54 short tracks by artists worldwide edited into a single flow...
"Extremely varied and addictive, definitely the most exciting and compelling compilation you will hear for a long time" - Noisegate

Improvised Miniatures
Strawberry Interlude (2013)
Gutters & Stars, Part I (2012)
Gutters & Stars, Part II (2012)
Four Sides Of Stillicide (2002)

Sheet Music

The music scores on this site are free to download. Please get in touch regarding performances, and let us know if you require any individual parts, or have any other questions.

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