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2018 - The Dice Man Speaks - youtube music
2013 - Eulogy - apple music
2012 - Flirting With the Cult of Celebrity - apple music
2011 - Red Ukulele - youtube music
2010 - A Cappella Dada - youtube music
2010 - Boo To A Goose - youtube music
2009 - Mad As a Box of Frogs - youtube music
2008 - That Difficult Eleventh Album - youtube music
2008 - Animal Vegetable Minimal - youtube music
2007 - Chicken In A Basket - youtube music
2007 - Unsolicited Material - youtube music
2007 - Tin Foil Holidays - youtube music
2005 - Hungry Ghost Blues - youtube music
2004 - Every Second Counts - youtube music
2003 - New American Century - youtube music

Stefan Cush and the Feral Family

Album: Brough Superior (2012)
Single Peaceful Country Christmas (2011)
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Stefan Cush and the Feral Family

Other Bands

Sputnik drumming with The Men They Couldn't Hang
The Defiant
Raising Hell - 30 Years Live at the Empire

Sputnik drumming with The Surfin' Lungs

Sputnik drumming with Bernard Joyce and The Exiles
The Port Of Amsterdam

The Audience (1979 - 1984)
youtube music

Lockdown Collective

During lockdown (2020), Sputnik persuaded 31 great musicians from around the world to collaborate on an album and single in support of Wales' homeless charity "Shelter Cymru", Listen here.

From 2011-2015 Sputnik performed with The Men They Couldn't Hang (playing drums & piano on their acclaimed album The Defiant). In 2018 he released a 12" music & spoken word vinyl LP in collaboration with the seminal American author Luke Rhinehart - "The Dice Man Speaks". As a session musician Sputnik has busked with Eddie Izzard, jammed with Jools Holland, recorded for Sony BMG & played at 1000's of venues & festivals across Europe.

Sputnik has released numerous original albums (250+ songs to date) and remains one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation.

"Serious points disguised in pretty tunes and arresting imagery... music I want to share with everyone who'll listen." (Dai Jeffries - R2 magazine)

"If music was a box of chocolates, this would be the quality selection of hard and soft centres. Sputnik has converted this reviewer into a fan." (Ron D Bowes - folking.org


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