Stefan Cush and the Feral Family

Stefan Cush and the Feral Family

In 2011 Stefan Cush (from The Men They Couldn't Hang - TMTCH) and Sputnik Weazel started the band "Stefan Cush and The Feral Family" in Llandeilo, Wales. The band released the single "Peaceful Country Christmas" in December 2011, and the album "Brough Superior" was released through Cherry Red Records in 2012.

Brough Superior was produced and engineered by Sputnik at his home studio in Llandeilo, and features Cush on vocals and acoustic guitar, Tom Spencer on lead guitar, Sputnik on drums, piano and bass... The album also features a host of Cush and Sputnik's family members along with various Welsh musicians including Dewi Jones (lead guitar), Becky Lee (acoustic bass) & Jude Western (backing vocals).


2012 - Brough Superior - apple music


2011 - Peaceful Country Christmas - TMTCH Bandcamp page

Old Pair Of Shoes from the album Brough Superior
by Stefan Cush and the Feral Family.

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