To have an Artist's Page in our gallery, please send an email for approval. The only criteria is that the artist must genuinely belive their work to be (in some way) surreal.

Since 1998 has remained at the top of GOOGLE listings worldwide for search terms such as "surrealism online". Having a page in our gallery should provide you with greater exposure, and help to increase the number of visitors to your web site.

Each Artist's Page consists of three images, descriptive text/details of about 200 words, and a link to your web site (if you have one). Each Artist is also given a unique URL (

Why is there a charge for this?

Although was originally conceived as a free project, in order to maintain the quality and relevance of this site, we now request a nominal administration fee to help cover costs.

How much does it cost to exhibit?

We request an administration fee of £9 (GBP) per year.
What else can you get for 75p a month?

How do I pay?

We can only accept payment online via 'Paypal'
(details here).