I am an oil painter of surrealist and 'fantastic reality' paintings, the difference is that surrealism theoretically emerges from the mind, and fantastic realism painting are designed carefully to create an effect. I am also a music composer and writer, and I enjoy making the occasional complex surround or mechanism for my work. Painting for me started as a hobby in my mid 30s in 2004. I decided to take art seriously in 2007 and it has been my full time obsession and passion since.

I prefer the classical technique of painting in multiple layers because I think that pictures look better when painted in this way and the quality of the painting should be paramount, especially in these lazy, digital days. The quality of the idea and content (the soul) of a painting is most important, but the body and appearance is important too and a great work must excel in concept and execution. I aim to produce only great paintings, and one sad day perhaps I will.