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Surrealism Online Gallery

Since 1998 has displayed the work of hundreds of contemporary artists worldwide. The first artist to submit work was Pablo Weisz-Carrington (son of Leonora Carrington). There are currently 24 artists in the surrealism gallery.

Gallery Submissions

To submit work for possible inclusion, follow the link below.
Many thanks to everyone concerned for their interest in this project.
Here's how it works.

"Traditional Surrealism is a Historical Abstraction while Contemporary Surrealism is Historical Surrealism by Progressive Surrealists" (Ct. Pf. Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.).

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Satchel Of Volcanoes
A Collective Poem

Twenty Six writers have thus far contributed to this project.

All submissions are considered - and we hope to turn the finished poem into an audio book / podcast Satchel Of Volcanoes.

...they all can run the mile,
the boy, the tree, the fingers mumbling, their cut out photo films into memory transition...

"The mind is ripe for something more than the benign joys it allows itself in general"
(Andre Breton: Manifesto of Surrealism).

Shows / Events is a space for artists and audiences alike.

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"Thinking is always the negation of what we have immediately before us"

Latest Artists

Janette Boskett
Janette Boskett

Aziz Anzabi
Aziz Anzabi

Roger Dorey
Roger Dorey

Kenneth Johnston
Kenneth Johnston


New Music

New Music

Sputnik Weazel was conceived by, and is run by Sputnik Weazel - musician, composer, ex-busker and art school drop out.